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Top 10 IT Asset Disposition ITAD Services Companies - 2022

Millions of tons of outdated equipment are discarded each year by organizations. Old devices may become a security thorn on your brand's side if not handled correctly. With an average loss per data breach of USD 8.94 million, no information stored on old computers, servers, tablets, smartphones, or printers must fall into the wrong hands. However, ITAD is frequently associated with E-waste, but these two concepts have vastly different implications. In E-waste, methods for recycling and disposal of shards are used, whereas ITAD emphasizes the environmentally friendly management of assets. Depending on how well data destruction is done, these assets can even be repurposed.

Organizations often focus on implementing new technology, but replacing the old devices can be equally important. Inappropriate disposal of IT assets can lead to data breaches and harm an organization's reputation. A proper recycling process aids sustainability initiatives while keeping hazardous e-waste out of landfills. IT asset disposition is growing as data security and environmental regulations become more stringent, providing more options for data centers and enterprises that rely on high-performance networking equipment.

CIOReview APAC helps organizations to ensure that their IT assets are properly disposed of and are ready for the future by integrating technological trends with it. In case of any missed features, the distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and analysts would guide in adopting the cutting-edge technology as soon as possible. These companies are selected based on the innovative and user-friendly technological services they render to global enterprises and public sector entities.

We present to you CIOReview APAC’s “Top 10 IT Asset Disposition ITAD Services Providers - 2022.”

    Top IT Asset Disposition ITAD Services Companies

  • Anchor Network Service works on the foundations of security, safety, hospitality, social contribution, and compliance to provide ITAD services such that both customers who hand over and receive things can always feel at ease. Anchor Network Service takes a comprehensive approach to delivering ITAD services. As the first step, the company collects equipment that is no longer needed by organizations across the country and then erases the data. Next, they partner with employment facilities to support people with disabilities and realize re-materialization by hand disassembly. As a result, it is able to collect, transport, and intermediate disposal of industrial waste in a seamless manner.

  • AUKTE has several years of experience reverse logistics supply management, and has been dedicated to preserving the environment by recycling electronic products by recycling electronic products, adhering to the principles of recycling, and achieving zero pollution

  • Today, the company has developed virsaicTM, the first entirely cloud-based CXM platform that allows businesses to design, deliver, and manage all physical and digital business processes and communication channels

  • Envirocycle


    Envirocycle’s goal is to assure no potentially polluting electronic equipment is deposited into landfill. Rather, it should be re-used or recycled through fully licensed and accredited channels. Envirocycle is the only full-service environmental processor of electronic waste in the Philippines being equipped to handle virtually all types of electronic waste streams

  • G1 Asset Management

    G1 Asset Management

    G1 provides IT Asset Lifecycle services specifically designed for Australian enterprise and government. They are committed to providing the most secure, professional and trusted ITAD services nationwide

  • Highstead Sdn Bhd

    Highstead Sdn Bhd

    Highstead specializes in the process of streamlining disposition of IT assets, while minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses

  • Japan System Care

    Japan System Care

    Japan System Care is one of the leading ITAD service providers in Japan. Their unique comprehensive service "LCM" that comprehensively manages IT assets such as PCs and servers throughout the life cycle from procurement to introduction, operation, and disposal

  • Rcube Solutions

    Rcube Solutions

    RCube Solutions is a full-service IT asset disposition, electronics waste (Ewaste) recycling and IT asset remarketing company in Australia. Their vision is to become an industry leader by building genuine relationships with clients based on integrity, service quality and consistency, as well as maximizing value recovery



    R-Tech Korea is implementing electric/electronic waste treatment IT computer equipment disposal and data safe disposal service and eco-friendly recycling treatment. In the future, the company will make ceaseless efforts for customer satisfaction by practicing equipment and waste management, data safe destruction, and personal information protection

  • Total IT Global

    Total IT Global

    Total IT Global is a leading IT infrastructure services provider offering holistic vendor agnostic hardware and managed service solutions globally. They work closely with their customers and undertake full accountability of their goals by providing end to end support at every stage of the IT hardware lifecycle

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